Automated Extractions

Specializing in process automation, material conveyors, mixing tanks, filtering & drying, storage tanks, winterizing, and solvent recovery.

Production Extraction Plants

Automated Extractions offers a wide variety of extraction production lines to meet the tightest requirements. Our systems are designed for high throughput, minimum waste, safety, and repeatability.
The above system  just one example of a system we designed to process 300 gallons of HEMP / solvent through a 1-micron filter press in 30 minutes. The plant material is then ejected from the filter as dried cakes with minimal solvent retention.

Full Process Automation

Automated Extractions offers a full range of control solutions for your processes. Plant wide or individual process control technology is our specialty.
An integrated automation package is critical for a production line for maximized efficiency. Our control packages are designed for increased production, a high level of repeatability, quality control, safety, and labor reduction.
  • Touch Screen Controls
    Designed and programmed for your process requirements.
  • UL & cUL 698-A Certification
    Our panel shop is UL and cUL certified. We are also 698-A certified for hazardous locations.

Material Handling

Automated Extractions has partnerships with some of the best manufacturers in the world for material conveying. We integrate this equipment into our processes for milling, conveying, and storage.
  • Hammer Mills
    Designed for milling many materials including hemp and other cannabis products
  • Bulk bag unloaders, screw and auger conveyors
    Bulk storage and bulk unloading. Ideal for loading material into a mixing tank or moving milled material to a storage tank. Explosion proof designs when applicable

Mixing Tanks

Automated Extractions manufactures a variety of stainless-steel mixing tanks. You can choose from our standard designs or have us build your tank to your specifications. Typical uses are for solvent extractions and batch mixing.
  • 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
    Grade 316 stainless steel offers a higher level of corrosion resistance. It is a necessity when working with high proof ethanol extractions.
  • Explosion Proof Mixing Motor
    Explosion proof mixing motors are available. These motors are necessary when working with high proof ethanol extractions or powders that are combustible.
  • Tank ports and drains designed for the application
    Grade 316 stainless steel offers a higher level of corrosion resistance. It is a necessity when working with high proof ethanol extractions.

Filtration Presses

For solvent extractions such as ethanol, the maceration process uses ground-up plant material (such as hemp). This bio mass is then mixed so the solvent strips the oil out of the plant fibers. For hemp, this is CBD oil. The hemp oil/solvent is then run through a filter press to separate the biomass from the oil/solvent mixture. Our filter presses can be set up to filter down to 1 micron.
  • Pneumatic squeeze bladders ensure minimal waste
  • Simple cleaning via hydraulic plate rack
  • Quick filtration time (10 Gal. / min.) at 1 micron
  • Filtration down to 1 micron

Storage Tanks

Our storage tanks can be manufactured in a variety of configuration. These tanks are used for liquid and slurry storage. They can also be utilized for beverage storage and as a carbonation vessel.
  • 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
    Grade 316 stainless steel offers a higher level of corrosion resistance. It is a necessity when working with high proof ethanol.
  • Tank ports and drains designed for the application
    Ports for vacuum pressure relief valves, and liquid and solvent entry points. CIP (Clean in Place) ports are also installed in the tank to connect to the internal spray balls. Bottom ports are designed for complete tank discharge.
  • Sample ports
    Sample valves can be placed on the tank sidewall.

Winterization & Dewaxing Process

In order to produce a pure concentrate product, it is desirable to remove plant lipids and waxes. We offer a variety of solutions that include chilling, heat exchangers, and filtration.
  • Chillers
    Automated Extractions has partnered with several chiller manufacturers. We integrate these chillers into our processes with options to cool down to -80C.
  • Cooling Exchangers
    In-line winterization and dewaxing processes are implemented using cooling exchangers.
  • Fitration Skids
    Lenticular filters are used for in-line separation of the lipids and waxes utilizing specialized filter media.
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