Extraction & Separation

Our extraction equipment systems have been engineered to maximize processing efficiencies and minimize solvent usage. We can provide a full turnkey extraction system, or augment your current equipment to improve your operations.
A common extraction and separation system consists of two primary components: the extraction vessel and the separation equipment.

Extraction Tanks

  • Our agitation tanks can be custom built to your requirements, typically ranging from 100G to 500G
  • Biomass and solvent (ethanol) is transferred into the agitation tank and blended for the desired duration
  • Jacketed and insulated tank capable of -40°C extraction temperatures
  • Explosion proof motor, paddle agitator, and recirculation pump ensures a homogeneous blend during extraction
  • Built in CIP spray ball for cleaning

Filter Press

  • 1 - 100 cubic feet capacity (25 - 1800lbs per batch)
  • Hydraulic press operates at 4000 psi to compresses plates and seal internal chambers
  • 1 micron filter plated filters full batch is 30 minutes
  • Nitrogen purged and low-pressure squeeze bladders capable of purge 99%+ of solvent from biomass
  • -20°C operational temperature
  • Food grade filter material and stainless sanitary fittings for GMP compliance
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