Material Handling

We offer a complete line of material handling equipment for cannabis processing, including milling, pelletizing, conveying, and bulk material handling for over 10,000 pounds per day of biomass. Our automated controls take the leg work - and guess work - out of material handling.

Hammer Mills

  • 30HP - 200HP
  • Up to 12,000 lbs/hr biomass
  • Efficient direct drive system
  • Hinged door with easy access to hammers & screen
  • Available with cyclone vortex
  • Built in the USA

Pellet Mills

  • Ring die capable of pelletizing up to 500-600 pounds per hour, depending on moisture content
  • Equipped with 30HP motor (NEMA
  • Die's from 1/16" - 1/2"
  • Frequently used for a range of applications, including cannabis & hops, paper & plastic, wood pellets, and animal feed

Pellet Coolers

  • Capable of cooling up to 1 ton per hour, depending on pellet size, density, and omposition
  • 10-15 minute dwell time
  • Ultra diffusion spread with 4-way adjustment
  • 2HP drive with safety interlock

Bulk Handling

  • Gain-in-weight bulk bag filler to accurately weigh biomass into storage totes
  • Loss-in-weight bulk unloader to meter biomass from totes in preset batch size
  • Typically sized for 48" x 48" bulk storage totes (when full)
  • Forklift ready
  • Bag piercer with hoppper available for complete unloading
  • Augers, vacuum conveyers, and disk-and-chain conveyers for
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