Chillers & Boilers

We offer several types of solvent recovery systems to meet the demand of large and small systems. Designed for safety, efficiency, and automation, our rising film and falling film skids will recover ethanol at a rate of 20-300 gallons per hour.


Glycol Chillers

  • 5HP - 15HP Single Circuit units with up to 210 kBTU capacity
  • 10HP - 30HP Dual Circuit units with up to 420kBTU capacity
  • 30HP - 120HP Dual Circuit units with up to 1,738 kBTU capacity
  • Chilling to 10C possible
  • Used when ultra-low temps are not needed, such as re-condensing of liberated ethanol in a falling/rising film solvent recovery system

Ultra-Low Temp Chillers

  • 5HP - 20HP Single Circuit units with up to 65 kBTU capacity
  • 10HP - 60HP Dual Circuit units with up to 202 kBTU capacity
  • 80HP - 160HP Quad Circuit units with up to 486 kBTU capacity
  • Chilling to -50C possible
  • Used to achieve cryogenic temperatures, such as maintaining solvent storage temperature, cold-ethanol extractions, winterizing, and in-line buffer tanks


Steam Boilers

  • Low Pressure boilers supply 15psi steam or 30psi water
  • Available with feed system and blowdown separator to ensure constant, clean water supply
  • Available for natural gas, propane, methane, biogas, oil, or dual fuel firing
  • 83%+ efficiency
  • Designed, inspected, and stamped for conformity to the requirements of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to meet CSD-1 safety requirements
  • Available from 5HP to 150HP

Electric Boilers

  • Enable positioning closer to point of use (not required to be positioned on exterior wall)
  • Potential savings on installation cost and increased efficiency through reduced heat loss
  • Do not require chimney or fuel tanks
  • Available as skid or non-skid systems
  • Includes boiler, condensate return tank/makeup water tank, blowoff tank, voltage transformer, blow-off valves, and steam separator
  • Available from 8kW - 750kW (0.8BPH - 75BHP)
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