From 25 pounds per batch to 10,000 pounds per day, AE has a solution

Material Handling & Pelletizing

Full Turnkey Extraction Labs

UL-698A Controls
& Automation

Processing Solutions

We're more than an equipment supplier, we're a solutions provider. Experts in process automation and controls, we specialize in turnkey systems and equipment for cryogenic extraction and distillation of high-quality oil, equipment integration, and process controls to provide a complete solution for your extraction lab.

Turnkey Systems

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Extraction & Separation

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Automation & Controls

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Heating &

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Material Handling

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Winterization & Filtration

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Water & Oil Circulators

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Hemp & Cannabis Extraction Systems

Automated Extractions is not just an equipment supplier, we're experts in process automation and controls. We specialize in cryogenic ethanol systems for the extraction and distillation of high-quality CBD oil, equipment integration, and process controls to provide a complete solution for your extraction lab. From 25 pounds per batch to 10,000 pounds per day, we have a solution.

Building on nearly 20 years or building and installing industrial processing solutions, our expertise and track record has earned us the business of leading processors in the hemp industry. How can we help your business grow?

Complete & Custom

Our turnkey cold ethanol extraction systems enable the highest level of automation, repeatability, and data collection, minimizing your operating expense and maximizing your throughput. But we know that there's no one-size-fits-all solution, so we utilize our expertise in industrial extraction to optimize whatever processing method you employ. We also understand that each processing line is different and requires unique solutions - different equipment, different sensors, and different controls - and our engineering team will work with you to define your project requirements and identify the best solutions for your needs.

Whether your project requires plant-wide or individual process controls, we’ll develop a custom solution to fit your operation.

Equipment & Services

We offer a full range of equipment for your hemp and cannabis processing system:
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Turnkey extraction systems from material handling to distillation
UL & cUL 698A controls are engineered and manufactured in-house
40 gallon mash tun with domed perforated false bottom & 3 upper recirculation ports
Rectangular manway provides easy access for grain out. Domed false bottom with handle.
Digital flow meter measures strike water volume from HLT to mash tun
Sight glass from on mach tun recirculation to check wort clarity
Two frame-mounted Chugger pumps for water and wort transfer
Counter-flow wort chiller for knock-out
Post-knockout temperature guage to measure temperature into fermenter

Our Process

A four stage process is employed to define your processing requirements and implement the solution.