Vacuum & Immersion Cold Brew

We're more than an equipment supplier, we're a solutions provider. Experts in process automation and controls, we specialize in turnkey systems and equipment for cryogenic extraction and distillation of high-quality oil, equipment integration, and process controls to provide a complete solution for your extraction lab.

Vacuum & Pressurized Cold Brew Systems

Having the ability to perform extraction at various pressures and temperatures is key to any extraction process.  Sous Vide (under vacuum) cooking has been around since 1799.  Pressure cooking has been utilized since 1679.  When these known methods are applied to coffee extraction, the end results have no boundaries!

Our systems are designed for flexibility and tailored to your requirements and methods.  Low temperature (cold) coffee extraction can be achieved at very low pressures (vacuum) greatly reducing the production time.  Higher pressures can be used to infuse other botanicals such as hemp (CBD), flowers, roots, and herbs into the extracted coffee.  

Whether you plan to produce 20-gallon batches or 2000-gallon batches, Automated Extractions can provide a turnkey solution that meets your needs:

Immersion Cold Brew Systems

Traditional methods of cold brewing coffee require a steeping vessel, a means for separating spent grounds, filtering, and cold storage.  To scale these up from a one-cup process to a production volume of hundreds or thousands of gallons requires specialized solutions for each step of the process.

Automated Extractions has integrated the latest technologies and controls to optimize extraction efficiency, reduce brew time to maximize throughput, and ensure a consistent, repeatable cold brewed coffee.

Let Automated Extractions help you brew your best cup of coffee!

Turnkey Systems

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Water & Oil Circulators

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Turnkey extraction systems from material handling to distillation
UL & cUL 698A controls are engineered and manufactured in-house
40 gallon mash tun with domed perforated false bottom & 3 upper recirculation ports
Rectangular manway provides easy access for grain out. Domed false bottom with handle.
Digital flow meter measures strike water volume from HLT to mash tun
Sight glass from on mach tun recirculation to check wort clarity
Two frame-mounted Chugger pumps for water and wort transfer
Counter-flow wort chiller for knock-out
Post-knockout temperature guage to measure temperature into fermenter

Our Process

A four stage process is employed to define your processing requirements and implement the solution.